essay 2 - Compare and contrast the origins of the first...

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Compare and contrast the origins of the first opium war, the first Sino-Japanese War and the Russo-Japanese war along with their consequences for the asian countries inviolved Into paragraph stating thesis and other relative shit The first Opium war in China had a somewhat straightforward string of events leading up to it. First, the Chinese opened four ports to Western trades in 1685, but of the trade was centralized in Guangzhou (Canton). The Chinese wished to just hold foreign trade at this because they believed they were self-sufficient under Heaven. So they restricted trade from expanding anymore. China’s silk, tea, and porcelains were in high demand in Western nations, but all the Western nations had to trade was wool, which was not needed in China. Therefore Western traders were forced to buy everything with silver. The annual flow of silver into China soared to 16 million taels in the 1780s.Then the East India Company started to import opium to re-balance the trade. Opium was made in India, it was highly addictive which made it a valuable commodity. The Manchus treid to outlaw opium several times, then in 1800 and 1813 new laws made it illegal to import, produce or consume opium. Opium then had to be smuggled into China, and as the numbe of chests smuggled into china grew, things began to escalate. The Daoguang Emperor appointed Lin Zexu who took swift action. Lin arrested about 1,700 Chinese and confiscated 40,000 lbs of opium. He also sent a diplomatic message to Queen
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essay 2 - Compare and contrast the origins of the first...

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