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Essay 3 Compare and contrast the Taiping Rebellion, the Tonhak uprising, and the Boxer Rebellion in terms o ftheir causes, aims and impact. The Taiping Rebellion sought to revolutionize China. Their highest goal was to create a Utopia which would give China a new identity. In this Utopia, nobody woul down lands, there would be equal shares. Men and Women would be somewhat equal, infact all people would be equal under 1 supreme diety. They had a strong opposition against all substance abuses. The new social order they were striving for had gender equality, it elimininated the family structure, dividing land into 25 group communial areas). Taiping weren’t just rebelling against high taxes, they had a plan to lay out a totally new economic system. The cause of this rebellion: When the manchus took over in 1664 the southern part of the country took a lot longer to integrate. The leader of the Taiping Rebellions was Hong Xiuquan. He was the self proclaimed younger brother of Jesus. He claimed to have had a vision where he appeared as the younger brother of Jesus. God told hi to overthrow the Manchus. He was to create a new imperial government; Heavly King’s Thronw. In 1854 they created a new imperial govnerment. In creating the capital of Nanjing, they made it clear that they were not afraid to kill Manchus (they had to gain control of that city). Hong blended things which were strictly Chinese with his perception of Christianity. In the end the Tiaping failed for several reasons. First they fai8led to
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Essay 3 - Essay 3 Compare and contrast the Taiping...

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