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Nian - that it shows many people believed the Qing dynasty...

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Nian In North Central China, there were severe floods and drought, this caused White Lotus adherents, poor peasants, salt smugglers, and ruffians to join together in the Nian Rebellion. They smuggled, kidnapped, enguaged in banditry, and organized fueds in a Robin Hood style approach. This rebellion took place from 1853-1868, and although the White Lotus was a religious group, this was not a religious rebellion. Plain and simple, many people living in North Central China were disgruntled. The significance of this is
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Unformatted text preview: that it shows many people believed the Qing dynasty had lost the Mandate of Heaven. The Nian used guerrilla warfare against the army sent by the government, they also hid food items in earth-walled settlements, to further give them the advantage over government troops. The rebellion was finally put down by Li Hongzhang, but the entire clash cost the Qing a fortune in taxes....
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