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4 Modernizations - and military reform developed the...

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4 Modernizations The four modernizations were reforms that Deng Xiaoping implemented in China. In 1978 when Deng maneuvered his way to the leader of China through an important meeting, he quickly got to work on these four aspects of change: Agricultural, Industrial, Science and Technology, and Military. Agricultural reforms allowed farmers to sell their goods in an open market. Industrial reforms gave managers more power to make executive decisions. Science and Technology reform allocated more funds to research,
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Unformatted text preview: and military reform developed the People’s Liberation Army to be a more technologically advanced army. These reforms were immediately significant for both the country of China, and for Chinese farmers. China itself saw a huge increase in agricultural production, and economic growth. Chinese farmers, charged with the possibility of gaining wealth, worked much harder and focused more on making money. Those who succeeded saw an increase in the quality of their lives....
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