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38th Parallel - solidified in 1948 The 38 th Parallel was...

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38 th Parallel The 38 th Parallel was the line that divided the peninsula of Korea into northern and southern territories. The decision to divide Korea on the 38 th parallel was made by the US in 1945, Koreans were not told that it would be so, nor asked if they wanted it to happen. At this time the U.S. occupied the south and the Soviet Union occupied the North. The line itself was supposed to be temporary, and many Koreans were adamant of getting rid of this line. However, after the elections in the North, the division became much more
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Unformatted text preview: solidified in 1948. The 38 th Parallel was significant for two reasons. First, throughout the Korean war, having control of the 38 th parallel determined which side was currently winning. Second, to this day the Korean peninsula is still divided. Although the division line is at a slight angle, it is still considered the 38 th parallel which divides them....
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