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Aum Shinrikyo - significant to Japan’s identity for two...

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Aum Shinrikyo Japanese students and intellectuals had joined the cult of a blind yoga teacher named Aum Shinrikyo. His cult, the Supreme thruth cult not only believed in an upcoming apocalypse, but they believed that it was their duty to induce it. In March 1995 Aum’s pupils released sarin, a deadly nerve gas, on two subway lines in Tokyo. This terrorist attack killed 12 people and injured over 5500. Aum, and the chaos he caused were
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Unformatted text preview: significant to Japan’s identity for two reasons. First, it showed that the best and brightest of the Japanese were frustrated with the hierarchy of Japanese society. Second, it caused the Japanese to reflect and question what it really meant to be Japanese. Time will tell if the Japanese youth’s problems have been appropriately addressed....
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