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LDP - been classified in 4 sub factions The Diet in which...

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LDP In 1955, Japan’s two largest political parties were the Liberal and Democratic parties. So they converged together to form the Liberal-Democratic Party (LDP). The LDP remained the ruling party from 1955 to 1993, making Japan for almost four decades a one-party state. In contrast to its name, the LDP was not liberal or democratic, its member’s political views are all over the spectrum. Since the LDP is such a vague party, its even
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Unformatted text preview: been classified in 4 sub factions. The Diet, in which the LDP resides, passes 90% of its bills unanimously, but they are passed only after much consensus. The significance of the LDP is that, although a single party held legislative power for nearly 50 years, decisions are still made slow. Also the LDP has been significant because since it’s immergence it has supported big business, big industry, and farmers...
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