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Long March - new levels of motivation and purpose...

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Long March In 1934 Jiang’s forces had surrounded the CCP who occupied the Jianxi Province. The CCP who evacuted their base were forced on a 368-day forced march across about 5000 miles of mountainas terrain. 68,000 started on the Long March, and only 8,000 reached the destination of Yan’an. The majority of the people died because of the difficult Chinese terrain and starvation. This event was significant because it drove the CCP to
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Unformatted text preview: new levels of motivation and purpose. Immediately after the march, the survivors felt that they had suffered for something real, and their resolve for political leadership in China had intensified. In the long term, through the Long March, Mao Zedong immerged as one of the main leaders of the CCP, and eventually he would lead the nation several revolutions....
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