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Rape of Nanjing - long term In China the general public...

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Rape of Nanjing On December 13, 1937 Japanese troops captured Nanjing, China; the home of the nationalist governement. During Japan’s occupation in China, they had met minimal resistance, so they were able to make it to Nanjing fairly easily. Once in Nanjing, Japanese troops killed approx 300,000 Chinese, and raped 40,000 women and children. This 6 week atrocity was the most brutal part of Japan’s aggressive war. The Rape of Nanjing was significant to both China in the short term, and Japan/China relations in the
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Unformatted text preview: long term. In China, the general public stopped supporting Jiang, by not using force against the Japanese invaders, he let this happen. The relationship between China and Japan would be rocky for decades to come. Once relations were normalized between China and Japan, China was offended by the downplay of this brutality in Japanese textbooks....
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