Impact of the west and pull of tradition

Impact of the west and pull of tradition - the western suit...

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The western cultural slowly started to become integrated into the lifestyle of middle-class japanese families. Several times throughout the diary Makiko refers to her house becoming more modern(source). About once a month Makiko’s family ate beef. They adopted their new years date to be January 1 st and also adopted the calander months which had about 4 weeks. The fact that Japan switched their calander to the western style shows just how much they strived to be a modern country. In becoming this new modern country, Japan soaked up much new culture, art, and style.Oil painting came straight from the west and Chuhachi and his friends enjoyed practicing it very much. The suit had become a very important part of a business man’s wardrobe. Chuhachi obviously enjoyed
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Unformatted text preview: the western suit very much, and was seen wearing it in about half of the family photographs shown (68,231). On the otherhand, tradtion still rang very true for Makiko’s family. Celebrations like Girls Doll Day (March 3) were kept apart of Japanese tradition.(100). More important than light hearted doll festivities, were the traditional religious and cultural ceremonies that were still practiced. For example, the religious Toji Odaishi-san festival which took place on April 21 st commemorated the death of Kukai, founder of the Shingon sect of Buddhism. This particular monk lived in the 8 th and 9 th century AD, so to be honoring him over a millennium later really illuminates the strength of a religious tradition (127-128)...
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