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The life of a Japanese family in the early 20 th century was much different than in the United States of America. In Makiko’s Diary by Kazuko Smith, that intriquate life is exposed. It is a life of close communial ties, strong family bonds and religious reverence. In Makiko’s time, women were expected to be obedient servants to thier households. For the most part, each family memember knew what was expected of them. The husband and wife worked as an interdependent team to succeed, but the wife was always
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Unformatted text preview: submissive unto her husband. Also, throughout the book we see western inventions, cultural celebrations, and food, and style find its way into the Japanese lifestyle. The diary also shows how human emotions are universal. Although Makiko’s freedom was restricted when compared to a modern day woman’ life, she was content and carefree, never harboring animosity towards her culture....
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