Nature of gender relations and marriage

Nature of gender relations and marriage - emotions. They...

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Women were submissive and subservient to their husbands. Men were above women in the social heirarcy, and therefore the man of the household has a strong authority over his wife. That doesn’t imply that there wasn’t love between spouses though. The arrangement of a marriage is expedient, yet joyful. The initial marriage setup is to fulfill the obvious advantages of dual household roles, carrying on the family name, etc. It isn’t until later in the relationship that love and affection form. Women had to ask permission to go out and do just about anything. Unlike modern America, where anybody can speak their mind and offend anybody they want, 20 th century japan was much different. Makiko was appalled by the behavior of the Shudo Primary School teachers, so she writes “But I really must not say anything, for it might cause trouble – never”(87). She is obviously conditioned to keep quiet and not stir up drama. Women weren’t very open about their
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Unformatted text preview: emotions. They were either taught or expected to just suppress whatever emotions sthey had. Multiple times throughout the diary; like the previous example, or when she was offended by the shop manager, she excersized great self-control by not lashing out. Makiko sets a good example for men and women alike; take what cards your dealt, enjoy your life and become the best person you can be. It was the duty of the wife to wait up for her husband to get home to open the door for him. Many times throughout the diary Makiko ended up falling asleep while waiting for Chuhachi to get home, and he would be locked out of the house. Makiko could have solved this problem by waiting closer to the door itself, in which case, even if she fell asleep she could still hear the knocking of her husband upon his arrival....
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