Roles of Makiko and relatives

Roles of Makiko and relatives - Makiko and her relatives...

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Makiko and her relatives played unique roles, and they each knew where they stood. The man of the house (Chuhachi) obviously knew he was the one who had to run the business and make major decisions. He was expected to settle conflicts within the business and family. If it wasn’t for Chuhachi V passing away, perhaps Chuhachi would not have had to assume all of these roles. Reguardless, he was the head of the household. He had to take responsibility for many things because the family needed a strong figure to look up to. There was also the female head of the household, which in this case was Mine, but Makiko would have to take this role eventually. Mine basically kept the house in good order, she was in charge of all of the cooking and cleaning around the house. Mine had the assistance of Makiko and several other maids to accomplish these tasks. Makiko seemed very eager to learn everything she could from Mine about meal preparation and other duties of the wife of the head of the household. We don’t learn too much about a younger girls roles in the household, but Makiko, being
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