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Usefullness of diary

Usefullness of diary - th century for that very reason...

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This first hand experience of life in Japan during the 20 th century gives readers something they cannot find in a text book. Instead of showing facts and figures, the book gives an experience of how modern life was being integrated into traditional Japanese culture. The meals offer the insite of comparison. Being able to see what a Japanese household ate on a day to day basis creates a more full picture of life in that time period, and its more easily contrasted to the reader’s day to day life. Textbooks tend to give a very impersonal view, but having a diary filled with experiences, life lessons, and emotions gives the human element. After Makiko experienced an event that provoked some sort of emotion, the text really does trigger an empathetic response. Psychologists have known for quite some time, that memories are strongly linked to emotions. A diary such as Makiko’s can be extremely useful in learning about Japan in the 20
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Unformatted text preview: th century for that very reason. However, the force isn’t always good, there is a darkside as well. What the diary really lacks is news of major world events. Nothing is said about the newly transitioning Japanese government, or the growing economic marketplace. Such things as these are needed to be able to see the big picture of early 20 th century Japan. Learning about the family life of a middle class family in early 20 th century japan has major value. It gives readers a broader world view, and in turn a more accepting state of mind when interacting with people from other cultures. This open-mindedness is important when interacting in the business world today. Things are chaging so rapidly now, and we are moving towards one world economy. Being to be able to understand a nations social history gives us great insight as to what they value as a culture and how they like to be treated....
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