what was important to makiko and family

what was important to makiko and family - the business...

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To Makiko and her family memembers, the most important thing was family. Whenever Makiko became the most emotional, it was over family related things. Makiko thinks the ultimate joy is having both parents together and for everybody in the family to enjoy eachother’s company (94). The whole diary is filled with grief for her mother Yoshi. At the time of her the yearly memorial for her mother, its expected that she would cry as much as she did. Losing her mother at such a young age forced Makiko to mature.To Makiko, having children were a sign of , and it obviously upset her that she had none after being married for about 4 years. To Chuhachi; friends, business, and leasure were all important. Being apart of the Pharmasetical association was an important part of Chuhachi’s life. He also strived to modernize the pharmaceutical business through meetings, and being apart of the Kyoto school of pharmacy.Although the diary doesn’t tell much about the business he conducted, its implied that he worked very hard to help
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Unformatted text preview: the business succeed each and every day. He took up many things like oil panting and musical endeavors to which he passionately spent his leasure time. He consistantly went over to Mr. Matsui’s house, they were very close friends. Mine, while deeply valuing tradition, was also open to modernization. She trained Makiko to be able to adapt to be the wife of the head of a modern household.(4) Mine took her duty to continue to raise Makiko to heart, and did not hesitate to scold Makiko for acting immature. Makiko as well as Mine prized being able to cook a good meal. It was upsetting for Makiko when she worked hard on a meal and it was not appreciated. To Makiko, constant improvement was important. She strived to be a better person, and to take her failures and setbacks and learn from them. Tradtion was also important to Makiko, she was very respectful of Buddhist celebratory holidays....
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what was important to makiko and family - the business...

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