Tut0 - STAT/ACTSC 446/846 Assignment #1 (due 25 January,...

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Unformatted text preview: STAT/ACTSC 446/846 Assignment #1 (due 25 January, 2008) Note: When handing in your assignment, please use a cover page showing only your UWID number and sec- tion (lecture) number. Please write your name on the first actual page of your assignment. ACTSC/STAT 846 students: please indicate on the cover page that you are a graduate student by writing 846. This assignment will be marked over 50 pts. There are 4 bonus marks. But you cant get more than 50. Problem 1: [2pts] Covariance Let W = { W t ,t } be a standard Brownian motion. Let Z = { Z t ,t } be the Brownian motion with drift = 3 and with diffusion coefficient = 2 obtained by linear transformation of W . Calculate for t < u the covariance between Z t and W u . Problem 2: [8 pts] Practice of Itos Formula Let X t be defined by the SDE (stochastic differential equation): dX t = dt + dW t , X = x where W t is a standard Brownian motion....
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