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RCR Web letter 2009-07-07 Nat Sci and Eng

RCR Web letter 2009-07-07 Nat Sci and Eng - Duke University...

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Duke University Graduate School RCR Orientation – PhD only PROGRAM DESCRIPTION August 20, 2009 Natural Sciences & Engineering Dear Ph.D. student, This letter is to welcome you to the Ph.D. program at Duke University and to inform you about the mandatory Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Orientation held by the Graduate School during Orientation Week. You should have received an email message directing you to this letter and asking you to RSVP online. Please review the RCR Orientation schedule on our website, and read the details below to prepare for this full day program. We recommend that you print a copy and review it prior to attending. After you review this program description and the appropriate schedule (for your academic division), please follow the tinyurl link provided via email in order to pre-register online by Friday, July 31, 2009 . Given the size of our entering Ph.D. class (~480) and the range of research areas, we offer three separate RCR Orientation events organized by academic divisions. You should make every effort to attend the following: RCR Orientation Natural Sciences & Engineering Thursday, Aug. 20, 2009 9:00am-5:00pm Durham Hilton Hotel (3800 Hillsborough Road, near I-85/Cole Mill Road exit). See www.durham.hilton.com We expect you to attend this event with nearly 235 colleagues who also will matriculate in a Ph.D. program in your academic division. This event will take place toward the end of Orientation Week, so you should already be on campus. Please review the details below and RSVP online by July 31. What is Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training? RCR training for Ph.D. students is a vital part of your professional development. RCR training represents a wide range of topics in which you as a graduate student -- conducting research or carrying out your responsibilities as a Research Assistant or Teaching Assistant -- might encounter an ethical dilemma. Topics range from data collection to authorship, from animal care or use to human subjects, and from promoting academic integrity in the classroom to mentoring relationships with faculty. We conduct all RCR training face-to-face (rather than using online modules) in order to promote a culture of openness and discussion surrounding the micro-ethical actions of individual researchers, as well as the macro-ethical dimensions of research such as departmental or institutional culture, or even potential downstream consequences of research on society or the environment.
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