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aluminum - oxygen Workmen separate the aluminum from the...

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GS320A Rewrite the following paragraph to reflect a more academic style. You may combine sentences, change the order of words, change elementary words, add transitions and omit words that are repeated too many times, but do not leave out any information: Aluminum is a metal. It is abundant. It has many uses. It comes from bauxite. Bauxite is an ore. Bauxite looks like clay. Bauxite contains aluminum. It contains several other substances. Workmen extract these other substances from the bauxite. They grind the bauxite. They put it in tanks. Pressure is in the tanks. The other substances form a mass. They remove the mass. They use filters. A liquid remains. They put it through several other processes. It finally yields a chemical. The chemical is powdery. It is white. The chemical is alumna. It is a mixture. It contains aluminum. It contains
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Unformatted text preview: oxygen. Workmen separate the aluminum from the oxygen. They use electricity. They finally produce a metal. The metal is light. It has a luster. The luster is bright. The luster is silvery. This metal comes in many forms. Aluminum is a metal, which is abundant and has many uses. It comes from bauxite. Bauxite is an ore and looks like clay, containing aluminum and several other substances. Workmen grind the bauxite and extract these substances. They put the substances in tanks and exert pressure, which form a mass. They use filters to remove the mass, and remain the liquid. Through several other processes, it finally yields a white powdery mixture: alumna and oxygen. Workmen use electricity to separate the aluminum from the oxygen and finally produce a light metal, which comes in many forms and has a bright silver luster....
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