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Concise practice 2

Concise practice 2 - those countries(37>18 words 7...

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GS320A Revise for Conciseness 1) A researcher must be sure that he double-checks all his references. (11>6 words) 2) A policeman apprehended a female for shoplifting. (7>6 words) 3) By early adulthood, more of the males than females were observed to exhibit severe symptoms characteristic of the occurrence of copper deficiency. (22>13 words) 4) The policy analyst’s hope is for the solution of the question of whether science can harness alternative energy resources. (19>15 words) 5) Transformation of the data was necessary for the statistical analyses relevant to resolution of the hypothesis. (16>8) 6) It would thus appear that according to the World Bank, if developing countries were to consider the expansion of four key infrastructure services, they could conceivably generate substantial private income gains for individual citizens of
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Unformatted text preview: those countries. (37>18 words) 7) Public officials in the government stressed that countries that are developing are ones that must reduce barriers they have against certain kind of trade their own trade barriers in order to gain the most positive benefits of trade liberalization. (39>13 words) 8) Due to the large numbers of poor people who are now currently using buses, taxis and subways, it is recommended that these kinds of services be increased to benefit lower-income citizens. (31>8 words) 9) It is often the case that current policies restricting each and every instance of alcohol consumption by students on campus are in the end too limiting to be of much use. (31>8 words)...
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