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Concise practice Chu

Concise practice Chu - as electrophoresis will be necessary...

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GS320A Revise for Conciseness 1) The organism that Chu (1993) found was a guppy that laid eggs. (12> 9 words/terms) 2) The dog with dysorexia was referred to a clinic in the neighborhood. (12>9 words) 3) Group One includes a number of plants of the genus Coleus . (11>5 words) 4) Due to the fact that breeder flocks in most cases are being subjected to periodical vaccination programs… (17>7 words) 5) It is interesting to note that the new organism is green in color, round in shape, 5 x10 mm in size, and active with respect to motility. (25>9 words/terms) 6) The authors envision that approximately 5-6 steps, which are collectively referred to
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Unformatted text preview: as electrophoresis, will be necessary in the majority of cases. (23>9 words) 7) In the event that we hold a meeting at this point in time with reference to salaries, consensus should not be difficult to attain. (24>12 words) 8) The caseload included 15 young juveniles and 10 mature adults. (11>9 words) 9) For a full and complete understanding of the impacts and ramifications of the hot temperature upon the organism, it is our personal opinion that future plans should include a chilling procedure. (31>14 words)....
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