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wage table - difference in 2001 is 8.75 and 7.16 The reason...

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Xian Yin Summary 1 GS320A (01) 2010-11-14 Summary and Response to wage table Table 4 illustrates the median hourly wages for men and women by education from 1973 to 2001. According to the table, women's wages are lower than the men's, and the rate of wage increase for men is higher than the women's. In addition, the salary of the people with college degree is higher than the people with the high school diploma, and the income gap achieved its maximum at the year of 2001. For example, the income gaps between the people with the college degree and people with high school diploma of men and women in 1973 are 4.25 and 4.3 dollars, while the
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Unformatted text preview: difference in 2001 is 8.75 and 7.16. The reason for this difference can be interpreted that with the advance of technology, the society pay more attention to the people with higher education, and a substantial amount of jobs are specifically require the employers with college degree. What's more, the fact is unchanged that the society is still men dominated, which contribute to the un-decrease rate of income gap between the sexes. The data suggests that knowledge is increasingly crucial and the status of women should call for more advancement....
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