yahoo and consumer privacy

yahoo and consumer privacy - Case Analysis-Module 1 Yahoo!...

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Case Analysis-Module 1 Yahoo! and Customer Privacy
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1. In terms of a business decision, a Yahoo! CEO should comply with its principles of privacy. I believe it would be unethical to release a subscriber’s e-mail information because it would be a violation of human rights. I feel that it would especially be unethical to release information to a communist government such as China’s unless there was a suspected murder or serious crime. Communist governments are built on making citizens fear that there could be severe consequences for voicing against the government in any way. The Chinese government must have a very good reason to request the e-mail account of one of Yahoo!’s members. Political reasons are just not good enough reasons. Yahoo! needs to make sure it understands the exact reason for the information and not turn in an e-mail address without determining a good reason for it such as murder or a major crime. As a CEO, it would seem that if the Chinese government wants e-mail information, they will most likely take that information to the extremes and possibly violate human rights. If Yahoo! gives out information, it would act as an informant and those business practices would ignite quite a bit of debate. Giving out information that people are using for their personal use is
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yahoo and consumer privacy - Case Analysis-Module 1 Yahoo!...

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