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Checkpoint immigration process - wait in an office. A con...

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Checkpoint immigration process I think the process would be difficult to immigrate to the United States an also quite expensive. The first component of the immigration process I choose is the naturalization application; this has to be filled out and sent it with a fee of $675, and that just to begin the process. My second component come after the application and that is, after you’ve finished and sent in the application you much pay $80 to get your fingerprints taken so a background check can be preformed. I think a Pro would be that the immigrants are thoroughly checked before they come to the United States. Another pro would be the application process and information online, it is simpler sometimes for people to get online to file or print out forms and information then it is to sit and
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Unformatted text preview: wait in an office. A con of this immigration process would be the expenses, it is very expensive and paying the fees doesn’t guarantee your entry into the United States as a citizen. Another con would be that even if you gain entry into the United States a family member may not and might have to be left behind if you decide to go to the states anyway. I don’t believe they discriminate against any race, it looked to me like anyone could fill out the Forms necessary to enter the United States as a citizen. But there was a lot of the information on the website that was difficult to understand....
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