Winter 2011 - DSC 335 - OM - Syllabus

Winter 2011 - DSC 335 - OM - Syllabus - DSC 335 Operations...

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1 DSC 335 – Operations Management – Winter 2011 Instructor: TOLGA AYDINLIYIM Office: 466 – Lillis Business Complex Tel: 541‐346‐5150 Email: [email protected] Time: Tuesday – Thursday (10am – 11:50am) Location: 262 – Chiles Center Office Hours: Tuesdays (1:30pm – 4:30pm) or by appointment. Course Objectives: Operations management deals with the design of products and processes, the acquisition of resources, the conversion of inputs to outputs, and the distribution of goods and services. It is central to a firm's ability to compete effectively. As global competition in both goods and services increases, the management of operations is becoming more and more important. This course provides a broad overview of the managerial issues associated with production and delivery of goods and services. It includes the use of quantitative modeling using computers as a central methodology as well as several case studies in operations. At the end of this course, you will appreciate the challenges of providing world‐class products and services, and you should be able to use analytical tools and conceptual frameworks to guide your thinking about operations. In particular, you will have a better understanding of: How to identify and improve key business processes. How to define clear performance objectives. How to use data and analytical tools to improve process effectiveness considering costs, information, capacities, outputs, inventories, delays/waiting lines, quality, and supply chains. How to integrate the operations function with other business functions such as marketing, finance, distribution, and engineering. How to develop quantitative models for a wide class of business decision problems that include but are not limited to production, distribution, inventory, and supply chain management decisions. Required Course Materials: DSC 335 Course Pack (Tolga Aydinliyim) at the University Bookstore. DSC 335 Operations Management: Custom Textbook (Tolga Aydinliyim) ISBN# 0‐558‐95491‐X (the equivalent 13‐digit ISBN# 978‐0‐558‐95491‐8) Littlefield Technologies Access Code at the University Bookstore (nonrefundable, so if there is a chance you will drop this class, then postpone purchasing the access code for a couple of weeks). Handouts and Lecture Slides (will be posted on Blackboard – students are expected to print their own copies if they want to take notes).
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2 Grading Policy: Group work a) 2 Problem Sets 25 % (12.5 % each) b) 4 Pre‐Case Study Write‐ups 8 % (2 % each) c) “Littlefield Technologies” Reports 12 % (6 % each) Individual work d) Midterm 20 % e) Final Exam (cumulative) 25 % f) Group Evaluation (by team members) 5 % g) In‐class participation (not just attendance) 5 % TOTAL 100 % BONUS Littlefield Technologies (Each Part) (1 st to 3 rd place) 3 % (4 th to 6 th place) 2 % (7 th to 9 th place) 1 % MAXIMUM POSSIBLE 6 % Notes on Grading: When making submissions for group assignments (items (a), (b) and (c) from the
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Winter 2011 - DSC 335 - OM - Syllabus - DSC 335 Operations...

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