GEB3213syllabus - GEB 3213 - Writing in Business Fall 2010...

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GEB 3213 - Writing in Business Fall 2010 In business, where communication needs to be as clear as it is convincing, mastering the principles of effective, efficient writing is essential. GEB 3213 – Writing in Business is designed to teach business students the fundamental written communication skills that will allow them to express their ideas effectively and efficiently, preparing them for the demands of the business workplace. This course focuses on three areas central to professional writing in business: knowledge of the types of writing central to business communication, mastery of the techniques for persuasive argumentation, and understanding of the fundamentals of writing clearly, specifically, and concisely. The workplace-based writing assignments in this course ensure that students learn professional communication principles within different organizational contexts as they work on assignments, cases, and projects drawn from everyday business situations. The course emphasizes both internal and external communication, as well as how to select style, formats, and approaches appropriately according to context and audience. Assignments include e-mails, memos, letters, resumes, and individual documents, as well as team-written reports. Course Format GEB 3213 is a three-credit course, and students will attend one lecture and two workshops every week in the following format: Students attend one live lecture per week on the fundamentals of business writing and stylistic principles. Lectures are held in TUR L007 on Mondays during period 10. In addition, students will participate in two writing-intensive workshops each week that teach effective writing principles and strategies. During workshops, students analyze assigned readings, complete in-class writing and other exercises, critique sample documents and classmates’ writing, and make presentations. Course Texts We have selected Business Communication , by Flatley and Rentz, as our primary text. This is a concise and reader-friendly business textbook. Course Assignments Students will analyze real-world scenarios to determine how a written document serves its purpose in the workplace, discover the role of document design in information processing, and learn how to respond efficiently to clients’ and colleagues’ needs. The assignments, focused on both general and specialist audiences, also provide practice in such essential career skills as
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GEB3213syllabus - GEB 3213 - Writing in Business Fall 2010...

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