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Unformatted text preview: Description for: Optional Term Paper - The Outline - TURN I N BY February 3rd THE FOLLOWING DESCRIPTION IS TAKEN DIRECTLY FROM THE SYLLABUS at pages 5-6 (for 15% of Your Grade - substituting for your lowest exam score) There is a term paper alternative, which could substitute for your lowest exam score. Choosing to do a term paper is entirely optional. To be eligible, a student must first submit an outline by Tuesday, Feb. 3. That outline must be approximately 150 to 250 words long, with an indication of at least three sources (e.g., Internet sites, books, court cases, newspaper stories) you have found and may use. The outline is not graded, but we may write to a student who submitted an outline with advice on how to approach his/her paper and/or with a request that he revise his/her outline. To help give you some focus on what you could write about, the paper is to be limited in this way: It must arise from, relate to, delve deeper into, or otherwise concern a real case or actual example discussed in the LSB text, in the Barrons book, or in one or more of the...
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