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Description for: Optional Term Paper - the Paper To help give you some focus on what you could write about, the paper is to be limited in this way: It must arise from, relate to, delve deeper into, or otherwise concern a real case or actual example discussed in the LSB text, in the Barron’s book, or in one or more of the posted webvideos. Generally, it would be much better to choose a case or example that was not discussed at great length (e.g., for more than one or two paragraphs), because that gives more opportunity for you to do your own research and develop your own insights.
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Unformatted text preview: The Grading of the Paper As stated above, the outline is not graded. Only the term paper is graded. My expectation is that most persons undertaking this assignment will do a very good job, and I will give out many/most grades in the mid-B to mid-A range. The emphasis in grading will be on the research and the substance of the paper. However, poor grammar, bad spelling, incoherent sentences, and other problems of “style” will lead to a lower grade....
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