IS582 Course Project Week 2 - identify the entities and...

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The objective of this week's course project is to prepare a Conceptual Model using Microsoft's Visio. Requirements This project will be due in week 2 and is worth 75 points . Complete the following tasks and submit your database to the Drop Box by the due date. 1. Read the description below: University XYZ needs a database that keeps track of students, what classes they taken and the grades for each of the classes. In addition, they need to know what instructors are on staff and the courses they are approved to teach. It is necessary to track rooms for each campus including capacities as well as special facilities for each room. 2. Another tool used to infer the conceptual model are the end user's forms. The form below will help you
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Unformatted text preview: identify the entities and relationships. 3. Determine the entities from the functional requirements. o Entities can come from Nouns in the text, they may also come from forms, reports and legacy code You must identify at least 4 entities o Open Visio, Use the Database Model Diagram Template o Draw an Entity for each entity you identified o In Definition add a Physical Name 4. For Each of the entities identify attributes o Select Columns and add attribute names 5. Using the Crow's feet, determine and draw relationships between the entities. (Typically verbs in sentences will identify these)...
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IS582 Course Project Week 2 - identify the entities and...

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