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Research Foster Presentation; Genetic Disorders Project due date: lntroduction: Disorders, or diseases, manifest themselves in different ways, but for this proje*t you will res*arch = disorder that is genetie in origin and r*port your findings in a p*ster format. ilSjectiveq: a) TLW research a genetic disorder. b) TLW practic* reporting information in a poster pre*entation format as is comrn*nly darre in *ollege- and university-t*vel science classes" Frocedure: 1= Choose a genetic disorder from ycur textbook or frs!'n the llst belaw: He*':ophilia T*y-Sa*hs disease sickle celiriisease cr!du chat cystic fibrosis a*hondr*pla*ia Huntington's disease Klinefelter syr":drcme fragile X D*wr:s syndrome Tuiner syndrome Frader-Wil li syndrox*lAngelman syndrome 2. Verify y*ur topic cl-:*i*e with your teacher. 3- Find *ut everything that you can about yaur topic, using a minimum of three sCIurces. Tw* af the ?hree sources must be textbooks. 4.
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