Religion to Christianility Essay

Religion to Christianility Essay - Tran 1 Faith of...

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Tran 1 Faith of Christian and Jewish Community Throughout the history of the religious community, the Jewish people have been victimized and demoralized because of their religious beliefs and faith in Jesus. As people thought that Jewish people killed Jesus, but it was actually Jews, gentile, and humanity that killed Jesus (Marcus). Many groups of people has forgotten that Jesus and his followers were Jewish. The Jewish people have suffered years of intolerance because people have not understood what the religion really means. They do not understand where and why the religion began. For one to understand the great sufferings, achievements, and history of the Jewish people, one must open-mindedly examine a greater knowledge of the Jewish people and its faith. The three points in the relationship between Judaism and early Christianity are the fact of the overlapping roots of Jewish and Christian people, the similar beliefs of early Christianity and Judaism, and the disagreement between Christian and Jewish communities. The roots of Jewish people that are united under Judaism are originated from the biblical
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Religion to Christianility Essay - Tran 1 Faith of...

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