Midterm1_Key chem 107A

Midterm1_Key chem 107A - -3Name_ 1.) If the following...

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-3- Name_________________________ 1.) If the following statements are True, Place a T in the line before the statement. If False, place an F. (2 points each) F A closed system can exchange matter but not energy with the surroundings. F Expansion of a gas (system) means the internal energy of the system decreases. F ± U for the isothermal melting of benzene is zero. T Enthalpy ( ± H ) is an extensive property. F The heats of formation ( ± f H °) for pure carbon whether in the form of graphite or diamond are the same. F The constant-volume molar heat capacity C V () of nitrogen gas is constant at all temperatures. F A chemical reaction in a constant-volume chamber resulted in an increase pressure, therefore work is done by the system (everything in the chamber). For questions 2 - 4, circle the correct answer (4 points each). 2.) Choose the INCORRECT statement: a.) The surroundings are the part of the universe that is studied. b.) Thermal energy is energy associated with random molecular motion. c.) Chemical energy is associated with chemical bonds and intermolecular forces d.) Energy is the capacity to do work e.) Work is done when a force acts through a distance.
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Midterm1_Key chem 107A - -3Name_ 1.) If the following...

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