Midterm2_Fall_2009_Key - -3Name_ 1.) If the following...

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-3- Name_________________________ 1.) If the following statements are True, Place a T in the line before the statement. If False, place an F. (2 points each) F Entropy of the universe increases for a reversible process . F ± sys S for a phase transition is always positive. T Compounds with negative heats of formation ± f H ° () are generally stable. F Entropy of purifying a substance from a mixture is positive. For questions 2 - 4, circle the correct answer (4 points each). 2.) The equation below that best describes the second law of thermodynamics is: a.) ± H = C P ± T b.) ± S = nR ln V 2 V 1 c.) S = ± ² G T ³ ´ µ · ¸ P d.) ± S T 2 = ± S T 1 + ± C P ln T 2 T 1 ± G = ± H - T ± S 3.) The third law of thermodynamics a.) states that the specific heat of a monatomic gas is 3/2 R b.) sets the absolute zero of the thermodynamic temperature scale c.) states that the entropy of the universe is constantly increasing d.) A spontaneous process is characterized by a decrease in entropy between the initial and final states e.) establishes the absolute value of the entropy function for pure compounds at any given temperature 4.) Which of the following statements is incorrect about Isothermal Titration Calorimetry. a.) Can be used to measure the enthalpy of a drug binding to protein.
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Midterm2_Fall_2009_Key - -3Name_ 1.) If the following...

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