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Synopsis 8 word - patible with viability at anyone moment...

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Daniel Trevizo Bis2A F03 994781367 11/19/09 Synopsis 8 Bacteria are among the simplest organisms in our world. They are singe celled organisms capable of self reproduction and need only a small amount of food and energy survived com- pared to a more complex organism such as ourselves. Bacteria are characterized with a number of genes that control there functions. Though pressures such as the speed that bacteria go to rep- licate upon feeding is an overwhelming pressure that reduces the number of genes that bacteria retain. The tendency to reduce genes thus not necessarily imply that valuable genes will disap- pear permanently. The obvious reason is that loosing essential genes will surely kill the bacteria. Valuable genes do not disappear because they replicate faster than the competition in there envir- onment. Some other valuable genes include finding food and being energetically efficient. Bac- teria that loose genes fast means that they tend to only retain the smallest number of genes com-
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Unformatted text preview: patible with viability at anyone moment. Bacteria vary due to lateral gene transfer which is the uptake of DNA from the surround-ings(from dead cells) or other bacteria, by a form of copulation known as bacterial conjugation(lane). There is a transfer of genes between different species, genera, and domains which means bacteria do not pass on a consistent core of genes like vertical inheritance in hu-mans. Even though the transfer of genes varies the redundant genes are not all entirely lost and when the conditions change again they can pass them around the population by lateral gene transfer. One protruding question of bacteria is how have they remained simple organisms for billions of years. One answer is energetic constraints which limit bacteria to a geometric form. Limiting energy constraints ensures the bacteria will keep its simple structure of a cell wall, ATP synthesis and its other essential functions for life....
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Synopsis 8 word - patible with viability at anyone moment...

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