sythesis essay due nov 30 word

sythesis essay due nov 30 word - Daniel Trevizo BIS 2A F03...

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Daniel Trevizo BIS 2A F03 994781367 11/30/09 Synthesis Essay The origin of life is one of the biggest mysteries to biologist known today and countless efforts through experiments, theories, research, hypothesis, claims and stud- ies have left us to breakdown the research into two groups: People who believe some sort of metabolism had to be in place first, and those who believe a self replicating mo- lecule came first. It is more likely that a self replicating molecule was created first from organic compounds and is the common ancestor from which all life as we know it has derived from today. Information had to come first in order for a molecule to replicate into a continuous species over time and along the way natural selection and random events caused the structure of the molecule to change and thus evolution occurred. Random events, information and natural selection are all relevant to the origin of life because they provide a starting point as to how life manifested on earth and continued to thrive in existence up till now. Life first had to require inherited information to encode genes so that cells could replicate and continue survival. DNA, RNA, transcription and translation made the pro- cess of encoding information into genes possible. According to Dawkins this gene is known as “the replicator” and has endured millions of years and is master at survival. The ability for life to sustain this trait is due to three traits: replicability, longevity, and
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sythesis essay due nov 30 word - Daniel Trevizo BIS 2A F03...

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