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Running Head: WORLD RELIGIONS REPORT World Religions Report Lisa M Kostka HUM130 11/27/10 1
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The religion I chose to research is Mormonism. The Mormon religion, formally known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is believed to be a restoration of the original Church established by Jesus Christ. Other common nicknames include the Mormon Church, Mormonism, LDS Church, Latter-day Saints, or simply LDS. This particular religion has a very unique foundation. The history has been challenged, questioned and ridiculed over the years and continues to be one of the most controversial religions to this day. Much of what I have learned during my research is based on an interview that I held with a practicing Mormon; along with a variety of conversations that I had with other Mormon followers. After gathering all of the information; I then went out and researched the internet for additional facts that have been documented over the years. In addition to the interview; I had the opportunity to visit The Mesa Arizona Temple. This is just one of many temples across the United States. At this time; there are 134 operating temples, 10 under construction, and 13 announced. During my interview I asked some basic questions about the religion. I was curious about how the name “Mormon” came to be. What I found was that the story of Joseph Smith is the backbone to the Mormon religion. When I asked about the history of the Mormons; I was informed of that back in 1846 there was a young man named Joseph Smith who found himself concerned about his own personal salvation with God. He began to realize that there was confusion about the differences in churches that were in his area. He studied the Bible diligently in hopes of finding the perfect church for him. He finally asked God to guide him to the church that would be the best fit. His prayers were answered; both God and Jesus Christ appeared to him. He was named a Prophet and instructed to bring forth the Book of Mormon and restore the Church of Jesus Christ to all man kind. Joseph is often times the topic at the sermons and referenced quite frequently during Sunday school. The children are taught about how he brought the Mormon religion to fruition and is considered to be one of the most influential men in this congregation still today. This is the history that has been taught and continues to be viewed as factual by all members of the Mormon Church. Mormons are required to participate in missions. To date there are over 50,000 missionaries serving worldwide. All members of the LDS church are called to do missionary work at some point in their life. However, most missionaries fulfill their mission as singles between the ages of 19 and 25. As stated in Cannon, practicing missionaries fulfill their missions not only to convert others to the Mormon faith, but also to come to an understanding of ultimate reality through specific encounters and experiences while on the quest. Each person is responsible for paying their own way;
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hum130 final - 1 Running Head WORLD RELIGIONS REPORT World...

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