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Scientific Method - Scientific Method 1 Scientific Method...

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Scientific Method 1 Scientific Method Tina Gleason BIO/100 December 16, 2010 Joanne Lomas-Neira The Scientific Method
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Scientific Method 2 In everyday life, I am faced with many situations in which I need think about things in depth or analyze what the problem is, what has caused the problem, and a possible solution. And every day I learn from these experiences gaining knowledge for which to build on as I grow older. In science, this search for cause and effect relationships in nature is called scientific method. The scientific method is a process for experimentation that is used to explore observations and answer questions. For centuries, scientists have used a specific sequence of five steps to construct accurate and reliable explanations to many unknowns in the world. Each step is very specific and must be followed in order. But scientific method is not just for scientist, it can be used by anyone to answer any question. Along with the Web experiment assigned which focused on the question: why plants lean towards a glass window, I have used scientific method myself to answer my own questions.
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