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Aging Theories - Prof. Kelvin J. A. Davies USC Gerontology...

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Prof. Kelvin J. A. Davies USC Gerontology Physiology of Aging BIOLOGICAL AGING THEORIES 1. CLASSES OF AGING THEORIES - Programmed Theories - Stochastic Theories - Network Theories 2. EVOLUTIONARY THEORIES OF AGING A - Disposable Soma (body) Theory - Body ages and dies after successful reproduction because limited resources do not allow unlimited defense and repair mechanisms after producing offspring. B - Antagonistic Pleiotropy Theory - Certain genes may be positively beneficial only early life and detrimental in later life ( e.g. genes promoting rapid metabolism may permit early reproduction but may eventually lead to accumulation of damaged molecules). C - Accumulation of Late-Acting Error Theory - Some genes cause may aging but only after reproduction. Evolution takes a “passive view” of such genes and allows them to accumulate. 3. PHYSIOLOGICAL THEORIES OF AGING A - Genetic Theories - Propose that genes (and their transcription/translation) contain all the information necessary to determine lifespan and aging rates/characteristics. A.1 Genetic Timers - Genes are like a book, a Genetic Biography ; read from birth to old age. Similar to Genetic Pleiotropy (above). Genetic Clock theory is a variation that says certain genes are timekeepers (cells in culture reproduce only a certain number of times and cells harvested from old people divide less than those from young people). Another modified theory, the Death Gene theory, says that the “last chapter in the book of life” contains death genes. Telomere
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Aging Theories - Prof. Kelvin J. A. Davies USC Gerontology...

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