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Unformatted text preview: Pawel Lorek, University of Ottawa, MAT 1330D, Winter 2009 Assignment 3, due April 1, 17:30 in class Student Name Student Number 3 √ t Problem 1: [6 points] Find the integral F (t) of the function f (t) = 6t4 = Find the antiderivative of f (t) that satisfies F (1) = 26 5. −6+ 1 . t2 Problem 2: [7 points] Car starts (at t = 0) at Ottawa, it’s initial velocity is 9 km (it h abruptly starts with this speed). Accelleration of the car is not constant, it is a following function of time: a(t) = 2t − 6 km . The travel time is 8 hours. h2 a) [2 points] What is the speed after 1 hour? b) [2 points] Does the car stop anywhere during the trip? c) [3 points] How many km will it do in total? Problem 3: [6 points] Assume that length of the fish increases according to the law: dL = 2.45e−0.1t , dt where length is in cm and t in weeks. Assume that at time t = 0 the is is being born with length 0.5. When will a fish have length 14 cm? Problem 4: [6 points] Use substitution to find the following integrals a)[3pt] x 1 + x2 dx b)[3pt] cos(sin(u)) cos(u)du 1 ...
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