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Calculus 1 - Midterm 2 Version B 2008

Calculus 1 - Midterm 2 Version B 2008 - University of...

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University of Ottawa MAT 1330C Midterm Exam November 12, 2008. Duration: 80 minutes. Instructor: Pawesuppress l Lorek Family Name: First Name: square DGD 1 (Monday) square DGD 2 (Thursday) Do not write you student ID number on this front page. Please write your student ID number in the space provided on the second page. Take your time to read the entire paper before you begin to write, and read each question carefully. Remember that certain questions are worth more points than others. Make a note of the questions that you feel confident you can do, and then do those first: you do not have to proceed through the paper in the order given. You have 80 minutes to complete this exam. This is a closed book exam, and no notes of any kind are allowed. The use of cell phones, pagers or any text storage or communication device is not permitted. Only the Faculty approved TI-30 calculator is allowed. The correct answer requires justification written legibly and logically: you must convince me that you know why your solution is correct. Answer these questions in the space
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