Organic Chemistry 2 - 09 Ass#5

Organic Chemistry 2 - 09 Ass#5 - Assignment #5 CHM2120...

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Assignment #5 CHM2120 /2009 T. Durst This assignment deals with the recognition of aromatic rings other than benzene, the properties of anilines and phenols. The chemistry at the benzylic position. The introduction of a second and third substituent into a benzene ring and the manipulation of side changes. Also covered are the synthesis of aromatic compound from benzene that require no more than 3-5 steps. Comments: If you have trouble with any question and are tempted to look at the answers and just read them and hope to remember them, then you are not helping yourself. It is very important that you think hard and rationalize the answer in your mind rather than just with your eyes. If you do then there is a much greater likelihood that you will do well in an exam which has the same question but with different substituents. Thinking hard so that you understand the underlying principles requires a lot of effort and discipline but it will be worth it,. Not only in this course, but also in others. ************************************************************************* 1. Which of the following structures contain an aromatic ring? What are the criteria for determining aromatic ring character and show clearly that your answers meet the criteria? CH
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Organic Chemistry 2 - 09 Ass#5 - Assignment #5 CHM2120...

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