Organismal Biology - Marking Instructions Midterm 1

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Marking Bio1130 – Introduction to Organismal Biology In General The answer grids that you receive will also be posted for the students to see. You do not need to add any comments, correct answers or additional comments on the student’s exams. There will be two different exams for the midterms and once they are written they will be sorted into numeric order by student number in separate piles for each exam. Keep any exams you receive in this order to facilitate their reassembly later. This means there will be about 550 exams in each pile and you and one other marker will be responsible for marking all of one type of question in one of the exam patterns: definition, fill-in-the-blank, or short answer. If you have a question during the premarking (see below) or after, about one of the answers that has been provided in the marking grid ask before you mark too many exams and find that you have to go back over exams that you’ve already marked. Only award points as indicated on the marking grid. Rarely are the 0.5 points and you should not
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