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Practice problems No. 1 CHM3122 - 2010 1 . Exercise 3.10 B in Silverstein (pages 177 & 186). 2 . Exercise 3.1 (c), (h), (i) in Silverstein (pages 177 & 178). 3 . For each molecule, indicate the number of different groups of protons which exhibit chemical equivalence. 4 . Indicate clearly which proton exhibit (i) chemical equivalence and/or (ii) magnetic equivalence. Describe the spin system using Pople notation.
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Unformatted text preview: If you make assumptions, indicate them. (a) CH 3 CH=CH 2 (b) CH 3 CH 2 NO 2 (c) CH 2 ClCH 2 NO 2 5 . Read chapter 3 (including the Appendices and Tables, pp 188-203), and familiarize yourself with the chemical shifts and coupling constants which are characteristic of different proton environments and spin systems....
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