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practice problems 2

practice problems 2 - J of 60 Hz and by chemical shifts of...

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Practice problems No. 2 CHM3122 - 2010 (a) Describe the proton ( 1 H) spin systems in the following molecules using Pople notation. (i) chlorobenzene at high field (ii) CH 2 =CHF (b) Do the methylene protons in the following molecules exhibit chemical equivalence? Magnetic equivalence? Explain. (i) H 2 ClC-CHClCH 3 ( i i ) I C H 2 CH 2 Br (c) A spin system is characterized by a coupling constant,
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Unformatted text preview: J , of 60 Hz and by chemical shifts of 3.5 and 5.5 ppm. The Larmor frequency is 600 MHz. Do the spins form an AB system or an AX system? (d) Read Chapter 4 (including appendices and tables) and familiarize yourself with the chemical shifts and coupling constants which are characteristic of various carbon-13 environments and spin systems....
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