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CS3283 Distributed Systems Assignment Two (7 marks out of the 30 marks allocated for the coursework) Each group consists of 4 students to study a selected topic on modern distributed systems. They need to complete a report on the selected topic and give a 20 minutes presentation in week 13 during the lecture/tutorial. The followings are the topics: (1) Cloud computing and Services Oriented Architecture (2) Replication management and Google file systems (3) Middleware services for peer-to-peer computing (4) Pervasive applications and Physical Cyber Systems (CPS) (5) Distributed Multimedia Services and Real-Time Systems (6) The design of an example middleware: COBRA Part I: Report (3/4 marks): about 2,500 words (8 - 10 pages including figures) Submission deadline: week 13 lecture/tutorial (after the presentation)
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Unformatted text preview: It will be assessed as a group by assuming that all the student members have the same/similar contributions to the report. Otherwise, the contributions of each student should be stated in the cover page of the report. Suggested organization: Abstract Introduction/Background … Technical Issues … Examples … Conclusions References Part II: Presentation (3/4 marks; to be assessed individually) Each student gives a 5min presentation. The assessment will be based on: -Style and clarity of the prepared slides (fonts, page number, heading, numbering…); -Contents of the presentation (contents, examples, conclusions…); -Presentation organization (timing and division of jobs amongst students…); and -Presentation skill of the student (Is your presentation interesting and professional?)...
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