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CS3283 Distributed Systems Assignment One (33% of the total coursework marks) Notes for Demonstration and Report Demonstration (25%) (5 to 10 min each student) - You have to setup the demonstration environment in your notebook or the computer in the CS lab. - In the console, you may create two clients and they will access to the same and different data objects. - In the console, you need to show the operations of the backend servers in serving the received operations from the clients. - You need to show the use of multithreading in your program and how the data synchronization problem is handled. - Tutorial time or appointed time (11/11 and 12/11)
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Unformatted text preview: Report (75%) (max. 12 pages) -Discussion on RMI (about 1,000 words) (25%) -Report (25%) o Listing of the client and server programs. o A simple description on the design of the programs and screen layouts (including the pseudo-code and the logics of both the client and server programs) o A summary of the testing procedures and cases tested (i.e., A list of test cases and output results)-Program features (25%) o Communications in TCP (5%); o Multi-threading to increase the concurrency for serving client operations (5%); o Synchronization on accessing shared data structures (5%); and o RMI for accessing remote objects (10%)....
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