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ASTU 150: ANNOTATED SUMMARY Note: This is a summary I wrote when I was in graduate school (many years ago). While the wording may be difficult to understand, I’d like you to notice the stylistic features of this summary (its use of high level framing, reporting expressions, levels of information, etc.). As you read, keep in mind that the actual summary I produced was about 1,800 words – you have here the first two paragraphs of the summary. Tony Crowley, in The Politics of Discourse , examines the discourse on Standard English by looking at the history of the term and its relation to other, extra-linguistic factors that have contributed to its rise as an object of study and a discursive category. Drawing on Foucault, Volosinov and Bakhtin, Crowley situates his investigation in theoretical discussions that recognize language as a socio-historical phenomenon subject to the forces of the socio-historical life that produces it – forces and/or conflicts that necessitate the disciplining of language via such things as unitary language, in this case, Standard English. In fact, he argues that, in Britain, the discourse on language has been ordered and distributed in
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ASTU%20150%20Annotated%20Short%20Summary%202 - ASTU 150:...

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