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final research paper

final research paper - Yecheng(Jason Wu Dr Jaclyn Rea...

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Yecheng (Jason) Wu 30 November 2010 34443101 Dr. Jaclyn Rea ASTU150 Culturally distinct art forms, activisms and political ideology Recently, researchers indicated many cultures have distinct art forms which influence government and promote political activisms. I will find out how politics and art are related to economy. In Lisle’s article “Local Symbols, Global Networks: Rereading the Murals of Belfast Alternatives”e she argues the murals through the specific context of the peace process, in which the “two communities” thesis is losing its relevance (Lisle 27). In Spencer’s “Rockin’ the Right-Wing Blogosphere: John J. Miller’s Conservative Song Lists and Popular Culture after 9/11” he illustrates how people use rock music as a tool to take advantage from it and it is also reterritorialized for some political purpose. In Marotti’s study “Political aesthetics: activism, everyday life, and art’s object in 1960s’ Japan” he argues that during the revolutionary, activism and critique emerged to challenge administrative forms of politics in 1960. In Sharon Schroeder’s study “The Internet as a Tool for Political activism in China” he argues about how cyber activists and internet can affect the politics and the specialty of Chinese politics. In Roland Bleiker’s article “Art after 9/11” he points out that “art can help broaden understandings of contemporary security challenges, especially in view of the limits of conventional forms of strategic and policy analysis” (Roland 1). However, while much research has been done into art and activisms on politics, there have been not many studies to figure out the relationship between art and politics with economics. My research will focus on the
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effect of politics on art and activism. Most of my data will be done based from websites, especially from Wikipedia. The activism in North Ireland is a great example of illustrating the relation between art and politics. Belfast has been the capital of North Ireland since 1920. It is the most sectarian conflict place between Roman Catholic and Protestant. Nowadays, the opposing groups term republican and loyalist respectively. In other words, they are also named “unionist”and“nationalist”. In 1921, South Ireland is self-governed. North Ireland is still governed by England. Some people in Roman Catholic have a willing to join South Ireland. However, they are not the majority; they are not able to vote for the self-govern. As a result, they decide to do some terrorist incidents and fighting for the independence. The political murals are one of the most famous performances. The problems in North Ireland have been solved nowadays.
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final research paper - Yecheng(Jason Wu Dr Jaclyn Rea...

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