Yecheng literatural review

Yecheng literatural review - Yecheng (Jason) Wu 19th...

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Ye cheng (Jason) Wu 19th October 2010 34443101 Dr. Jaclyn Rea ASTU150 In study of activism and art, cultural hegemonies have result ed uses of music as means of promoting a specific ideology. For example, Johnson’s study “Danceable Capitalism: Hip-Hop’s Link to Corporate Space” he explains how Hip-hop changes from a communal art to a commodity. (Johnson, 80) In Spencer’s study “Rockin’ the Right-Wing Blogosphere: John J. Miller’s Conservative Song Lists and Popular Culture after 9/11” he illustrates investing meaning of using rock music as a negotiative process. Both of the articles are about music. In Johnson’s study, he focuses on hip-hop music and Spencer focuses on Rock music. Both of the authors come up the idea how some people use music as a tool to take advantage from it. However, these two articles have different approaches. To be specific, Johnson’s article argues that capitalism reaps some profits from
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the changing hip-hop music industry which he concerns on economic respect. And Spencer’s article describes “since these song lists emphasize a
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Yecheng literatural review - Yecheng (Jason) Wu 19th...

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