Top 10 Employee Firing Mistakes

Top 10 Employee Firing Mistakes -...

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Top 10 Employee Firing Mistakes 1. Failing to have a signed employment agreement or offer letter with each employee. It's always to your advantage to have an agreement that essentially states that the employee understands the hiring terms and the "at-will" nature of employment, meaning either the employer or the employee can terminate employment at any time. 2. Not having standard policies in writing. Whether it's in the form of an official handbook or several pages stapled together, you should have clear policies in place so that employees know exactly what is and is not expected of them while employed. 3. Not having proper appraisal documentation. If someone is performing poorly or there is any indication that you may need to terminate an employee, you should keep records of warnings or discussions regarding poor performance or failure to abide by company policies. You will want documentation in the event the employee takes legal action after being terminated. 4.
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Top 10 Employee Firing Mistakes -...

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