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OPA687 Wideband, Ultra-Low Noise, Voltage Feedback OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER With Power Down FEATURES HIGH GAIN BANDWIDTH: 3.8GHz LOW INPUT VOLTAGE NOISE: 0.95nV/ Hz VERY LOW DISTORTION: –95dBc (5MHz) LOW DISABLED POWER: 2mW VERY HIGH SLEW RATE: 900V/ µ s STABLE FOR G 12 DESCRIPTION The OPA687 combines a very high gain bandwidth and large signal performance with an ultra-low input noise voltage (0.95nV/ Hz) while dissipating only 18mA sup- ply current. Where power savings is paramount, the OPA687 also includes an optional power down pin that, when pulled low, will disable the amplifier and decrease the quiescent current to only 1% of its powered up value. This optional feature may be left disconnected to insure normal amplifier operation when no power-down is re- quired. The combination of low input voltage and current noise, along with a 3.8GHz gain bandwidth product, make the OPA687 an ideal amplifier for wideband transimpedance APPLICATIONS LOW DISTORTION ADC DRIVER OC-3 FIBER OPTIC RECEIVER LOW NOISE DIFFERENTIAL AMPLIFIERS EQUALIZING RECEIVERS ULTRASOUND CHANNEL AMPLIFIERS IMPROVED REPLACEMENT FOR THE CLC425 TM stages. As a voltage gain stage, the OPA687 is opti- mized for a flat frequency response at a gain of +20 and is guaranteed stable down to gains of +12. New external compensation techniques allows the OPA687 to be used at any inverting gain with excellent frequency response control. Using this compensation can give an extremely high dynamic range ADC driver to support > 40MSPS 12- and 14-bit converters. Ultra-High Dynamic Range Differential Input ADC Driver +5V –5V OPA687 +5V +5V –5V 850 39pF OPA687 1.7pF 80pF V IN + V IN 80pF 1.7pF 850 39pF 100 20 20 1:2 50 Source < 6dB Noise Figure ADS852 14-Bit 65MSPS 100 V CM V CM Center Frequency (MHz) 3rd-Order Spurious (dBc) 0 –60 –65 –70 –75 –80 –85 5 1 01 52 02 53 03 54 04 55 0 4Vp-p 2Vp-p Measured 2-Tone, 3rd-Order Distortion for Differential ADC Driver. OPA687 RELATED PRODUCTS INPUT NOISE GAIN BANDWIDTH SINGLES DUAL VOLTAGE (nV/ Hz) PRODUCT (MHz) OPA642 2.7 210 OPA643 2.3 800 OPA686 OPA2686 1.3 1600 Copyright © 1998, Texas Instruments Incorporated SBOS065A Printed in U.S.A. January, 2001 www.ti.com
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2 OPA687 SBOS065A OPA687U, N TYP GUARANTEED 0 ° C to –40 ° C to MIN/ TEST PARAMETER CONDITIONS +25 ° C +25 ° C (2) 70 ° C (3) +85 ° C (3) UNITS MAX LEVEL (1) SPECIFICATIONS: V S = ± 5V R L = 100 , R F = 750 Ω, and R G = 39.2 , G = +20 (Figure 1 for AC performance only), unless otherwise noted. NOTES: (1) Test Levels: (A) 100% tested at 25 ° C. Over temperature limits by characterization and simulation. (B) Limits set by characterization and simulation. (C) Typical value only for information. (2) Junction temperature = ambient for +25 ° C guaranteed specifications. (3) Junction temperature = ambient at low temperature limit: junction temperature = ambient +23 ° C at high temperature limit for over temperature guaranteed specifications. (4) Current is considered positive out of node. V CM is the input common-mode voltage. (5) Tested <3dB below minimum specified CMRR at ± CMIR limits.
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OPA687 - OPA 687 OPA687 www.ti.com Wideband, Ultra-Low...

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